What Is the Male Name Generator?

The male name generator is an online name generator that instantly creates a list of male names. With many names from different countries, you can generate male names that match any cultural origin.

Develop hundreds of baby boy names, male names for characters, or a pseudonym for yourself when using online forums.

How to Use the Male Name Generator

Follow the simple instructions below to start generating your chosen number of male names:

  1. Choose your country: To find male names with cultural significance, select your chosen country from the list.
  2. Select the type: Choose from the options of a full name, or first name.
  3. Enter the quantity: Decide how many male names you want to generate by entering a number in the empty field.
  4. Generate: Uncover male names instantly by tapping generate.

To generate a random female name, visit the female name generator page.

Uses of the Male Name Generator

  • Baby boy names: Discover your baby boy's new name.
  • Boy characters: Get inspired with a list of male character names.
  • New identities: Pick a name for a new identity you're creating.
  • Male digital personas: Create a new male name or a username for an online persona.
  • Screen name: Invent a new male screen name when performing in shows, theatres, or movies.