What Is the First Name Generator?

The first name generator is an online tool designed to help you generate first names. Utilizing reliable datasets, this name generator enables you to create first names specific to countries around the world.

How to Use the First Name Generator

Using the first name generator is quick and simple. Follow the instructions below to generate first names:

  1. Select a gender: Choose between female names, male names, or a random selection.
  2. Pick a country: Select a country from the list to find names that match your desired culture.
  3. Enter an amount: Type how many first names you want to generate.
  4. Generate names: Tap "Generate" to produce the list of first names.

To generate last names separately, check the surname generator page.

Uses of the First Name Generator

  • Baby names: Discover a range of baby girl and baby boy names to help you find the perfect first name for your child.
  • Storybook characters: Develop more interesting, unique character names for your stories, novels, comic books, plays, and games.
  • Stage names: Design a memorable show name for if you were to become an actress or actor. Pick a name that's unique and rolls off the tongue.
  • Author pen names: Skip the use of your real name when writing a story and opt for an anonymous pen name instead. Find your creative first name that keeps your anonymity and separates your professional and personal life.
  • Anonymous gaming names: Generate a random username, secure first name that suits your online gaming identity while protecting your true identity.
  • Chat rooms: Keep your real first name and identity private in the digital world when joining chat rooms or live helpdesk discussions.