Full Name Generator offers a seamless name generation experience, utilizing a comprehensive database of first names and surnames from various countries around the globe.

With our service, users can effortlessly generate random names based on specific criteria like country and gender. Whether you're an author seeking character names, a developer needing placeholder names, or simply curious, our tool caters to diverse needs.

Besides generating names for males and females, you can also generate stylish name, pick a random name from a list or spin the wheel of names.

Github Package

For those interested in integrating a versatile name-generation tool into their applications or websites, the full-name-generator is freely available on GitHub for seamless integration.

If you use the package, please credit us using the code provided below.

<a href="https://fullnamegenerator.com">Full Name Generator</a> 


Full Name Generator has been developed by Burak Özdemir, who holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and an M.Sc. in Informatics.

To contact us: burakozdemir {@} protonmail (.) ch