What Is the Random Name Picker?

Random name picker chooses a name from a list. Simply enter the names you need to decide between, and the generator will choose a name at random.

This online tool can be used to pick one or multiple names at random for a competition, raffle, prize draw, secret Santa, or any other game.

How to Use the Random Name Picker

Using the random name picker is quick and easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter a list of names, with one name per line.
  2. Enter the number of names you want the tool to choose.
  3. Tap "Pick a Random Name" to get the name(s).

To select a name with the wheel, simply use the random name wheel.

Uses of the Random Name Picker

Anyone can use the random name picker to select a name or username at random. Teachers, bosses, social media influencers, couples, sports coaches, parents, and retailers can find the tool useful for choosing a name at random.

Consider using the random name picker to:

  • Choose a raffle winner
  • Pick a competition winner at random
  • Decide between several baby names
  • Select team players for a game or sport
  • Randomly distribute prizes
  • Determine which restaurant to eat at for dinner
  • Identify a random person to present at work
  • Choose a student in class to answer a question


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Additionally, you cannot use this tool for lottery purposes, as online lottery activities are subject to national regulations and require formal authorization.