What Is the Random Name Wheel?

Use the random name wheel to draw a name at random from a list of options. Simply enter the names you want to choose between and spin the wheel.

The random name wheel can be used as many times as you like to pick a name. To change the list of names, simply edit the names in the box.

How to Use the Random Name Wheel

Follow the easy steps below to use this wheel of names:

  1. Type or paste names into the box, adding a comma (,) between each name.
  2. Tap "Spin the Wheel".
  3. The wheel will choose a name at random.

To select a name without the wheel, simply use the random name picker.

Uses of the Random Name Wheel

The random name wheel chooses a name when you can't. Simply spin the wheel and a name will be chosen at random.

Use the random name wheel for any game or activity, including:

  • Choose a competition winner: Fairly choose a competition winner by entering names at random and spinning the wheel to see who it lands on.
  • Pick a name at random: Select a name at random for any event or activity.
  • Lucky draws: Do a lucky draw for a prize raffle or an "unlucky" draw to decide who does which chore this week.
  • Pull a name from a hat: Instead of drawing a name from a hat, enter the list of names and spin the wheel to draw a name from a virtual hat.
  • Team sports: Choose names at random for a team. Delete each drawn name from the box after every spin until all names have been chosen.


You can only use this random wheel for educational/fun purposes. By using this, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred due to the use of this wheel of names.